Setting FAQ

Are humans and nightbane segregated to different parts of the ship?
Not segregated by design, though the ship has found itself at least partially separated according to race. For the nightbane that find their morphus more comfortable than their human seeming, there is a degree of consideration practiced that keeps them in a certain unofficial “district” of the ship. Even after all these years, the horrific appearances of some of the morphii on board is too much for most of the humans on board. (Having said that, there are some children on board that seem to be completely unaffected by even the most horrific appearances of Nightbane, and most of the people of all ages on board have grown much stronger of will and stomach over these past years.) I imagine that the “Scarytown” nightbane would be occasionally visited by children and youths eager to prove their bravery.

How well to the types of people mingle?
Fairly well, as there is a clear distinction that no one on board would be able to live as safely or as comfortably without all of the types of people on board. In a society of necessity, everyone is valued. There are still pockets of most kinds of negative behavior, and most of this kind of attitude has been abandoned, there is still a slight sense of tension felt by certain groups about “the others”.

Are there lots of children on board?… and on that side topic, can nightbane even have children and would those children be human or more nightbane?
There are more children every year on board, something that has been a source of constant hope and joy to the populace. They are taught and raised to be good contributors, whether human or nightbane. In matters of breeding, nightbane can certainly have children, both with others of their kind and with humans. However, since being a nightbane is less a genetic predisposition and more of a mystic occurrence, “nightbane-ness” does not breed true in any sense. Most nightbane have their first becoming in the face of real trauma or threat, some time after the age of puberty. Until then, there is no evidence or mark that would distinguish between a nightbane child or a human one (indeed, there may even BE no difference until the first becoming).

Is the ship run military fashion or more civilian?
The ship is run in a military fashion, though there is a sense of leniency toward those who are unable to follow the strictest guidelines.

Is it clean or messy?
The ship is generally kept in excellent order, there are civilian and a very few noncombat nightbane that contribute both to repairing, maintaining, and cleaning the ship through all hours.

Is there disease or sickness?
Almost universally no. The abundance of both mundane and supernatural healers on board have done away with basically every kind of sickness.

Is money used on board?
There is a credit system in place on board for buying and selling goods and services. Some transactions are “underground,” but people tend to avoid this, as it points to a deviousness that may undermine the ship or its crew.

There is rationing, though the limits set by fair wages and fair prices tend to keep people content without excessive wealth. Even the most powerful people on the ship experience no vast wealth beyond that of what a street cleaner might enjoy. There is also the problem of lack of space that prevents the desire to simply “accumulate things.”

How are food supplies maintained?
Both through technological and magical means – there is a large amount of molecular matter “reclaimed” from waste, and there are both technological and magical methods of flavoring and texturing food (or even summoning more, if need was great).

Do nightbane even need to eat (Immortal can imply many things)?
Nightbane have all of the basic needs that humans do (except for when it comes to hard vacuum), immortal as it refers to nightbane should be interpreted as “ageless.”

Are there shortages of common items? Luxury items?
Shortages are a matter of perspective. There are items that simply do not exist, or are more rationed, but nearly all of the basic necessities and amenities of life that can be sustained, are.

What’s the overall mood… hopeful, or strained or downright miserable?
Currently, the mood is hopeful; though it’s anyone’s guess as to how fragile this hope is. A lot can happen in a short amount of time when there are supernatural forces at work both for and against the crew and inhabitants.

Setting FAQ

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