Character Creation

Some things for you to consider concerning your characters:

-What are your Goals for the coming year?
-What things are you most afraid of?
-What would you say is your best quality?
-What’s the nickname or moniker that others refer to you by?
-Who would you say are your closest three relationships?
-How do you like living on the ship?
-What would you say is one of your worst traits?
-Why should this ship be glad to have you?
-When times get really tough, to what do you turn? (ie Religion/Alcohol/Family/etc.)
-Who did you leave behind on earth? Or were you born while aboard the ship?
-What is the one thing you absolutely hate?

Actual Character Creation.
-Choose 4 traits and 25 tags.
Customize traits and tags to fit your character. Traits that overlap are okay, but not tags on the same trait.
If your character changes and the name of a trait doesn’t make sense then change it. (e.g. if you have the Soldier trait but aren’t a soldier anymore change it to Ex-Soldier) Tags stay the same.

-Choose 3 keys.

-Choose 2 secrets.

(More information coming very soon…)

Character Creation

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