The World has Ended.

For all intents and purposes, the life and world we knew is gone.

Timelines are all but irrelevant now, but if it’ll satisfy your curiosity, I’ll remember what I can…
I remember Dark Day, on March 6, 2000 AD. The moment we realized that not only were we not alone in the world, but we were hunted. The whole earth went black for a full day, monsters filled the streets, and those Nightbane among us truly awoke for the first time. 24 hours later, the world appeared to be back to normal, but we soon discovered that positions of power were compromised from within and without. That everything and everyone we had trusted had been turned against us for one sole purpose: the complete extinction of mankind.
We fought, of course. Fought like demons, waging a secret war against the corruptors we came to know as the Nightlords – demons from the earliest days of humanity, dabblers in the darkest arts, and traffickers with the most vile and evil force that has ever been. But with every year, every month, every week, we lost ground. And soon, we realized that losing the planet was not just a possibility – we stopped asking, “Can we win?” and began wondering in the lonely hours of morning, “Will we finally lose everything today?”

It was in the midst of our darkest days when some among us began to whisper of dissent in the Nightlords’ own ranks, rumors that one (or more) of their own may have changed their minds – and to our utter shock, Lilith began contacting us, directing us, setting us all up for her master stroke.
Lilith herself won’t answer how or if she knew of the ship’s impending course, and i suppose it doesn’t really matter – we’d all be dead if events hadn’t played out exactly as they had.

Aliens – I suppose we shouldn’t have been shocked, after being invaded by demons and taking trips to other realms here on earth, that there were aliens. But we were. And moreover, so was Moloch, the King of the Nightlords. He began immediately investigating through arcane and mundane means, what secrets this ship had to tell, and in a few short years, he had completed its repairs. He meant to unlock its secrets, and find new conquests once he had exterminated every last point of resistance and subjugated every last human.

Apparently, Lilith had better connections…

She subtly turned some of the most useful of his human slaves to her side, worked them into positions aboard the ship, loaded us up, shot the bastard with his own weapon, and then did – something, some sort of techno-magic – and we were gone. It was a busy couple of weeks.

Long story short? We’ve been adrift for a long time. We built a society aboard the ship, and we’ve started to figure out the smallest part of where we are in the universe. We know that the Nightlords are looking for us, that they’ve figured out how to send their minions out into interstellar space. We know they’re hunting us.

But that’s not all, as you know. We’ve made some strides, primarily with Lilith’s help, and unlocked the Ritual of Transmogrification, made ourselves even stranger and more terrible monsters than we already were. We defend ourselves, fending off the Things that dwell in the Astral Seas (What we call the astral side of empty space). We grow, and we learn.
And hopefully by the time we get back home, we’ll be able to do something.

Though there’s probably nothing left for us.

I’m ok with that though. There’s always revenge.

-Captain Stanton Hastings

It’s Robotech, but with a crew of inhuman monsters led by a twice turncoat Demon Queen. Oh, and instead of Zentradi, the war is being fought against supernatural sorcerors that (it is rumored) used to be human, and foes beyond the realms of science or sanity.

It’s Nightbane, but Moloch is dead, Lilith has changed sides (we’re pretty sure), and the last remnants of humanity and the Nightbane are aboard a giant spacecraft in deep space. Oh, and some of the Nightbane act as living mecha to others in the crew, after having their morphus transmuted into titanic monstrosities able to survive hard vacuum through a grueling and costly ritual.

It’s a group that has everything to lose on an impossible journey, fighting every kind of horror on the way back to a world that may have nothing left for them. Where the worst of the astral realms conspire to make the ever-present dangers of space the least of their problems. And all of this while carrying on board what may be the last surviving human population.

Nightbane: Drifting the Astral Seas

Dreadnought blues by ere4s3r Tselsebar Darya